What is our Affiliate Partnership Program?

What is the EasyBucks Affiliate Partnership Program?
The EasyBucks Affiliate Partnership program is a program that lets our affiliates partner with us to get more rewards than the regular user through our referral system, and get additional rewards for bringing active users into our website.

What are the requirements?

To join our Affiliate Partnership Program (APP), you need to have an active community in which you can talk about EasyBucks. Your members must not violate any of our TOS rules and be active earners on our website. Other than that, the only requirements we have for our partners is that they can bring in a lot of users to our website who actually use our site! You can bring in your users through any social media platform, forums, and whichever way you want to bring users in!

How much can I earn?

Below is a list of how much the average partner gets from being in the APP. Although these numbers are not specific, they give you a rough estimate of how much you earn. It changes depending on how many users you can bring in to our website.

100+ users - 10 points + 15%
500+ users - 15 points + 15%
1000+ users - 15 points + 20%
5000+ users - 20 points + 20%
10000+ users - 25 points + 20%

How do I join?
You can join our APP by sharing your referral link with your community. Once you've gotten over one of the referral milestones, send us a support ticket, showing us your community, why we should accept you, what you can provide to EasyBucks, and any additional info you'd like to provide.