I haven't been credited for an offer

Not credited from offerwall
If you haven't been credited for doing an offer, first you should check if the advertiser thinks you've met their requirements. Many offerwalls on EasyBucks have a support or offer status page that shows you the offers you've clicked and the offers that you have been credited for. If a offer shows as pending or clicked, that means the advertiser didn't credit you and theres nothing we can do. If it shows pending, wait for a day or two for the advertiser to manually verify you met the requirements and you will recieve your credit. If it shows as credited and you still have not recieved credit on EasyBucks and the credit amount isn't over 5000 points, then submit a support ticket and we will investigate why you were not credited for the offer you've done. If the amount of points that will be credited is over 5000 points, your earnings will be released in 3 days. We lock points over 5000 to reduce fraud.

Not credited from task
If you did one of our tasks and you've submitted it within our system, you should wait a while for the advertiser to check that you met the requirements. If the advertiser doesn't accept or reject your submission within 7 days, we'll suspend the advertiser until he or she credits you. If the task you've done was rejected, there is usually a reason attatched. Read the reason and see what you did wrong. Once you've corrected your work, simply resubmit and wait to get credited