What are points?

What are points?
Points are the currency on EasyBucks which you earn money as, and can be used to purchase items on our shop. Points have many different uses while on EasyBucks, and this article aims to show all the different uses of points you have collected from offerwalls, watching videos, and more!

What can you do with points?
You can use your points and exchange it for US Dollars, save up your points, or use it to purchase items such as gift cards and promocodes off our points shop.

How do I exchange points?
You can exchange points for money under My money > Exchange. You can then select wether you would like to exchange your money into points, or points into money.

What is a point worth?
Each point is worth $0.001, which means that 1000 points is equal to one US dollar.

Can I get paid out with my points?
No, you can not request a payout in US dollars using your points. You need to first exchange the points you've collected into dollars and then you will be able to withdraw it.

Will the value of my points change?
No, unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, your points will remain the same value as to the US dollar. If we do change the value of a point, we will adjust everybodies balances so the points you have previously collected will still be equal to the same amount of US dollars.

Will my points expire?
No, your balance and points on EasyBucks will never expire, and should we shut down your entire wallet balance will be paid out. If you don't trust us, just withdraw your money.